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The more Christians testify and give praise reports about the wonderful acts of God, the more it draws attention to His greatness; causing the world around us to enquire about Him. What is evident is that we know that the very act of testifying to God’s wondrous deeds will lead many to look into the Church and enquire about the Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. More specifically a good read and study of the ‘Book of Acts’ or ‘Acts of the Apostles’ will impel any Christian never to take indifferent attitudes towards testifying of God’s miraculous and wondrous acts.

Sharing your testimony keeps alive the demonstration of God in the consciousness of the public space, and could potentially serve as a trigger for others to encounter the Living God.

The attempt to silence the work of God is having such a profound effect on the mentality of Christians who are being swayed towards accepting the faith should be confined to the private space. As this gains momentum, many will start to believe in the lie that God does not exist. After all, those who want to restrict Christians solely to the private space, are in part motivated by the conjecture that God does not exist or the power of God is no longer available to save, deliver, heal, and redeem. Use your testimony to change that today! God bless you.